Fishing buddies haul in ‘fish of a lifetime’

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They knew they had a big fish but !!!

Out on the lake on a Sunday morning with my best friend I knew I had something big said Mike Cook..

He and his mate Kevin Blewett had a fight on their hands and what surfaced didnt even get close to fitting in the net …

The 40-inch, 20-pound trout surfaced that they realized what a “monster” it was, Cook said.


“It didn’t even fit in the net,” Cook recalled. “We just bear-hugged it in the boat.”

Cook and Blewett had fished the lake for years, but they’d never caught anything as big as what Cook called “the fish of a lifetime.”

“Every few years we seem to hear of a mythical giant lake trout from the depths of Skaneateles Lake,” said Cook, of Oswego. “I guess it was our turn.”

The pair had been trolling the lake in Cook’s bass boat about 5 a.m. in about 200 feet of water using downriggers at a depth of about 60 feet, using 1.5-inch Alpina diamond spoons on 6-pound test leader.

Nearing Five Mile Point on the east side of the lake the fish struck… “I grabbed the rod and knew it was a good fish, so I gave it to my buddy,” Cook said. Blewett, of Baldwinsville, fought the fish while Cook reeled in the other lines to avoid tangling.

The trout dove to 100 feet during the 20-minute battle, Cook said. When it finally tired and came near the surface, Cook said, “it looked like ‘Jaws’ underneath the water.”

Only the front half of the trout fit in the net, so Cook and Blewett knelt down and pulled the slippery fish in by hand.

Source –  Skaneateles, N.Y. — Mike Cook and and Kevin Blewett knew they had a big fish on the line Sunday morning on Skaneateles Lake.