Stealheads – Nothing like it

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SPRING RUN– Steelhead Fishing

We have some really top quality footage today for you to take a look at.  Getting out to places where it feels like no man has been there before, fishing spots in complete solitude taking whatever nature chooses to throw at you.

Todd talks about the right gear with the right fly and setup for the spot you are in and lands some real monsters..

Todd Moen’s “Run” series is the most amazing compilation of steelhead fly fishing short films ever made. Spring Run, the third in the series, is the most engaging of the series yet. The set for the remote river float trip adventure is a gorgeous coastal rain forest setting, bright green moss, towering spruce trees, blooming flowers emerging into a gorgeous estuary and beach. This video does a great job of capturing the spirit and essence of why we fly fish for steelhead. The stunning shots make you feel as though you are there in the rain, standing waist deep in the cold Spring river. Complete with an amazing, action packed segment of feisty, chrome-bright, fresh from the salt steelhead. This is as close as you can get to really getting out there and working hard for these magnificent and elusive wild fish.

Spring Run is included on the Season 6 DVD available at the Catch Magazine store here..

Our thanks to Todd and the Team